2015 OPA Retreat Enjoy our new brochure! We are excited to have a new brochure that covers the different programs that OPA has to offer.  Download Brochure
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New OPA Brochure Enjoy our new brochure! We are excited to have a new brochure that covers the different programs that OPA has to offer.  Download Brochure
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The Organization for Professional Astrology

OPAWe’re astrologers from around the world who strive to create a better life for professional astrologers, develop a career path for people wishing to become professional astrologers, and improve the reputation of our craft.

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President's Corner

Welcome to the New Board - May 22, 2014

by Maurice Fernandez

Greetings OPA members and visitors of our website.

Our new board is beginning the new two year term on May 22, 2014. We look forward to an amazing journey together, building on what OPA has already begun for the Astrology community, and bringing its activities to new levels.

OPA is known for its unique programs and retreats which emphasize deep process learning and peer group work. The atmosphere of camaraderie and family is very important to us, which is why most of our programs are conducted with relatively smaller groups, in order to preserve a more intimate experience.

In OPA's peer group process, astrologers come together to discuss their practices and exchange ideas about ways to enhance them, in a way that dissolves any competition and fosters a sense of mutual professional support.

In the OPA Retreats, students, amateurs, and professionals, all sharing a common passion for star knowledge, gather in small groups under the supervision of track leaders. Participants choose from about ten different tracks, immersing themselves in one subject over the course of three days. Later everyone comes together for conference style sessions and connect with the greater "tribe."

OPA also offers free monthly talks for its members, conducted by conference call. Prominent astrologers offer one hour presentations on particular subjects, so members can participate and learn in the comfort of their homes.

With the current planetary cycles of Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn, the focus on growth is imperative. Our goal is to look to the future, developing new programs, expanding OPA's role, both within the US and outside of it. We look forward to continually develop our vision and seek new ways to elevate and deepen our impact.

I personally would like to thank you for being part of OPA, but most importantly, for supporting the practice and profession of astrology in your own life. As you read articles, buy books, attend classes, share your experiences, and perhaps choose astrology as your profession, you fuel the flame and pass the torch on for astrology to flourish and grow.

The new board looks forward to our next phase and to meeting many more of you, online and in person.

With blessings

Maurice Fernandez

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