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About OPA Retreats


Ever since the Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA) formed (as Prosig) back in 1989, our annual meeting has been the centerpiece of our work to help astrologers do better astrology and generally improve the field.

The Early Days of Helping Each Other

At first we held conferences lasting one, two, and three days; exclusively designed to present anything and everything that could improve the life of the professional astrologer. We talked about professional standards, ethics, setting fees, the methods and manners of forecasting, accounting practices, and many other professional issues. We also observed each other in the process of reading charts; we talked about sessions that didn’t go as planned. In a word, we got involved in each other’s professional lives.

The Way it is Now

The retreat has two main components; the large group experience and the small group experience.
The large group experience happens with all of us gathering together for a time during the day (usually morning) when we all listen to a diversity of presenters.

The small group experience happens with participants working on a particular subject in astrology, in a pre-assigned group with a trained leader, sharing the knowledge and guiding the direction of the work. This work was detailed out in an article in “The Mountain Astrologer” called “Astrology’s Next Step” (The Mountain Astrologer - issue #133 June/July 2007)

Specialty Tracks 

We added specialty tracks where participating individuals would be able to choose to work with one teacher and work through a particular system: Psychological, Vedic, Uranian, Traditional, etc. This addition was so successful that we decided to use this model for all our groups. Consequently, everyone chooses a group to be in at the time of registering. You can be in a beginner’s group, if you know little or even no astrology; you can choose a forecasting group if you have been at it for a long time; you can choose to work with a group to improve your business skills; or you can choose to learn a different astrological system. The group leaders are vastly different from each other, but all very skilled in their own right.

You might ask, what makes a retreat different from a regular astrology conference?

Retreats are an emotional as well as an intellectual experience.
Unlike regular astrology conferences, retreats offer an opportunity to:

Develop genuine intimacy with other astrologers

Deeply study one aspect of the field

Give you space and time for personal exploration

Personal & Professional Support Group

Intimacy is real at the retreat; a lasting emotional bond can be formed with each member of your group at the retreat; life long friendships can develop, and the beginnings of a personal and professional support group can be the natural extension from the time spent with your peers. Bonding is deep, personal, and lasting.

Going Deep Is the Real Benefit

Instead of attending ten lectures for an hour each, you get the chance to work with one teacher for fifteen hours. You can really absorb and practice a technique or method and ask questions of the person you have chosen to study with. The connection with your peers, who are also studying with your leader, gives a lively dynamic potency to the work, which leaves you with knowledge that you can directly apply to your career when you leave the retreat. You will know a subject in depth by the end of the retreat.

It’s All About You

Whereas, most conferences that people attend are focused externally, retreats are actually focused on you, more than the subject matter. As a consequence, you are led by the logic of experience to embark on a deep, personal exploration. At the end of the retreat you will know something more about yourself, your strengths, your limitations, etc. than you did before coming to this event. This unique integration of the subjective and objective components of experience is what makes the retreat a truly wonderful and empowering event in the lives of every participant.

We at OPA believe that we have designed an experience, for astrologers, which has the ability to transform the field of astrology — one astrologer at a time. The Astrologer’s Retreats unite the head and the heart for each participant.

Join us at the next retreat for the time of your life!

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