2014 Retreat Tracks

Track 1. Chris McRae, ISAR.CAP, NCGR.CA, PMAFA

Horary & Electional Astrology - Its Mystique & Usefulness

This is the predictive or divination form of astrology based on the premise that every action, once begun, has a predictable conclusion. Ask a question and get an answer: Shall I take this job? Shall I buy this property? Will I find my lost diamond ring? etc. Also included will be Electional Astrology which is choosing the propitious time to begin an event like opening a business, getting married, starting a conference. Chris has been using Horary & Electional with her client work for many years.

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Track 2. Monica Dimino

Working with the Nodes of the Moon

This is a practical, three day presentation showing the immense importance of the Lunar Nodes in all astrological considerations. It will cover eclipse patterns, nodal cycles and predictive work. This material will be illustrated in Natal Astrology, Mundane studies, annual updates, and forecasting. Handouts will be provided to frame the work. It will include group participation using the charts provided by participants. This is a study group for anyone able to cast and read a basic horoscope.


Track 3. Sandra Leigh Serio

Prenatal Eclipses & Past Lives

Your Pre-Natal Eclipse is the key to understanding your most recent past life and your mission in this current one. It can also reveal karmic debts, life path, and gifts or talents you brought into this world. The sign, house position and the aspects your pre-natal eclipse makes to your natal chart as well as to the charts of key people in your life help to explain the challenges and rewards you will encounter in this lifetime. We will use charts of famous people as well as charts from participants to help you. Intermediate to advanced astrologers.

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Track 4. Alexandra Karacostas

Practical Tools for Chart Analysis: Learning with Peers For Beginner & Intermediate Astrologers - SOLD OUT

This exciting OPA-developed workshop is experiential. It is designed to broaden understanding and application of astrology, as well as deepen self-awareness, in a fun, interactive and supportive setting. Personal charts provided by the group are used to explore astrological symbolism, planetary cycles and current celestial patterns, improving astrological vocabulary and tools. Skills are further exercised and integrated through peer consultation work. This is a creative and powerful way to enhance our knowledge! Beginning and Intermediate level.

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Track 5. Maurice Fernandez

The Consciousness of Children and Teenagers

As counselors and/or as parents we are confronted with the complex consciousness of children and teenagers who often do not yet possess adequate verbal tools to communicate what they are truly about. What is happening in the consciousness of a baby who is in transition from another dimension? How to identify children's developmental needs and risks in today's world? How to best navigate the behavioral extremes often exhibited by teenagers? Maurice will guide participants to identify the different chart factors and interpretations to children's charts in their various developmental phases. Intermediate to advanced astrologers.

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Track 6. Grace Morris

Introduction to Financial Astrology

We'll cover the stock market, stock sectors and individual stocks, look at cycles, such as economic, business and real estate cycles and learn how to use winning strategies. Business (and investing) success is a matter of timing. We'll look at the best days and times to sign, to send out mailings, to set up workshops, to have a business meeting, how to set up a chart for signing contracts, starting a corporation and the right time for an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Learn how to read an incorporation chart, and other important ways to help your clients. We'll look at your individual chart to see if long term investing, short term trading or owning a business is the best choice for you. Beginner, Intermediate, advanced.

Email: Grace Morris
Websites: Business Timing TrendsGrace's Website


Track 7. Susan Falk

Integrating Techniques of Gestalt Therapy into Astrological Counseling

Susan will demonstrate some techniques of gestalt therapy to help the participants gain a deeper understanding of their personality conflicts as revealed in their astrological charts and also how to integrate different aspects of the self. The participants will use their own charts as examples. By the 3rd day they will have the opportunity to practice using the techniques with each other's charts and get feedback from the leader. This group is for intermediate and advanced students. The participants should be practicing astrologers, even if only on a limited basis.


Track 8. Robert Corre / A 2nd Certification Track is being added with Dvora Weil

OPA's Certification Track - SOLD OUT 

OPA's ground-breaking "Peer Group Work" track leads to unique professional certification. Using a peer-review-oriented process, our goal is inspire, motivate, and build participant confidence to do better astrology. (OPA's endorsement requires an individual to attend three weekend retreats where they are evaluated on pass/fail basis by three different certified group leaders.) Over three days, each group member is required to: delineate and review their evaluation of a difficult client chart provided by them, followed by a peer critique of the chart; demonstrate their astrological knowledge by discussing in turn each group member's chart; share a business plan or set of expectations, written prior to retreat attendance, discussing your future goals. Advanced and/or professional astrologers.



Track 9. Hal Bahr

Human Design for the Astrologer

Opening the Multidimensional Doorway, Human Design, a modern synthesis of Astrology, Chakras, Kabbalah, and I-Ching unveils a multidimensional view of each person's unique, authentic expression. This course, Human Design basics, presents a structured approach combining multiple levels of analysis to expand insight, practicality, and potential client base of any astrologer's practice. Daily integration of new material is facilitated through hands-on chart (natal, transit, composite) interpretation using participant's Human Design/Astrological charts in creative, experimental, and dynamic process.



Track 10. Rick Levine

Becoming a Better Astrologer - SOLD OUT

Presentation, discussion, group process and astrodrama to improve the skills of the professional astrologer, to give the consulting astrologer useful tools to apply in his/her client work, and help the serious student facilitate a transition into professional astrology. Day 1: Overview. Improving Your Client Consultations. Theory and Practice. How to approach a natal chart. Setting goals. Choosing techniques. Deciding what to talk about. Styles of readings. Impacting your client's life. Day 2: Hands on. Participant charts used real-time to illustrate principles. Astrodrama techniques. Role playing. Interactive readings amongst participants. Peer feedback. Group discussion. Day 3: Synthesis and explorations. The business side of being an astrologer. Enlarging our context to work to include wider communities and global context. Exploration of the Uranus-Pluto-Jupiter Cardinal Square Initiation. What next on a business, personal and global level? Participants will be expected to share their birth data, since interactive processes rely on our individual charts. This group is for intermediate to advanced students.



Track 11. Arlan Wise

Writer's Track

During our three sessions together we learn basic journalism techniques while using fun exercises to practice "translating" astrological symbolism into plain English. We write pieces of various sizes on astrological topics, read our work to each other and discuss our writing without criticizing. We help each other discover and gain confidence in our writing strengths, and encourage each other to start/continue/finish our personal writing projects. The goal for the track is that by the end of the conference we each have an article to submit for publication. This group is for anyone who has a good basic knowledge of astrology and loves to write.



Track 12. Richard Smoot & Victoria Peltz

ISAR's Consulting Skills Training Program

ISAR's Consulting Skills Training is a required component of the ISAR Certification Program. However, anyone can take the training, whether on the path for ISAR certification or not. This training emphasizes role-playing exercises that teach empathic communication, reflection, paraphrasing and active listening. Integrated with the basic principles of chart interpretation, these skills provide astrologers an ability to respond to their clients' most personal thoughts and feelings and in this way help clients feel better understood. This training emphasizes both empathy skills and their integration within chart analysis. All levels of astrologers.

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