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2016 - 2017 Presentations

(1 hour long – 10am Pacific time)

michaelbergenSunday August 7 – Michael Bergen (NY) (CO)

Utilizing the Findings of The Astrology Code

Michael will discuss the key findings from his research and show you how to apply them to your readings. You will get a detailed look at his purpose and process for investigating the validity of many astrological techniques, including: the zodiac signs, aspects, the diurnal cycle (houses), and the 9th harmonic.

Find out more about Michael Bergen: Facebook page

ricklevineSunday September 11 – Rick Levine (WA)

The Astrologer’s Role as an Agent of Change

Gone are the innocent days of imagined objectivity. Quantum theory has clearly demonstrated that the observer impacts the observed and alters the trajectory simply by his or her presence. We must accept the fact that we are not inert bystanders watching the past collide with the future. We are participants in the lives of our clients and in the unfolding social/political drama of these times. What do we do with this knowledge? What are the moral and ethical implications of being cosmically informed? Do we strive for objectivity as detached observers? Or do we consciously or unconsciously bend the future to conform with our personal, social, cultural, political, economic, religious, and gender biases? These are confusing times and we’ll untangle some of the relevant issues and how they impact our work as astrologers.

Find out more about Rick Levine: http://stariq.com/

Maurice FernandezSunday October 2 – Maurice Fernandez (HI)

About the 2016 US Election

A month before the US election, Maurice will discuss the ways to analyze the election process, from the candidate's charts to the forecast about probable outcomes. This is not only about the elections themselves, but about how to approach the analysis of such an event.

 Find out more about Maurice Fernandez: www.mauricefernandez.com 

Laurie naughtinSunday November 6 – Laurie Naughtin (South Africa)

Horary Astrology: The Important Keys to Analysis

The premise behind Horary Astrology is that a question, like a person, is born at a unique and specific moment. The Horoscope cast for the birth of an all important question is called a horary chart. Delineation and analysis of the chart reveals the circumstances surrounding the question and its eventual outcome. Horary is a predictive form of astrology with clear cut rules necessary for passing accurate judgment on the question asked.

Find out more about Laurie Naughtin: http://www.sublunar.co.za/

DemetraSunday December 4 – Demetra George (OR)

Planetary Joys

In a similar way that planets rule certain signs, they also have special relationships with certain houses in which they rejoice according to an ancient system that is quite different from the modern 12-letter alphabet. Gain a deeper insight into the names and meanings of the houses as they are derived from the planetary joys and discover the elegant substructure that links planets, houses, and sect.

Find out more about Demetra George: www.demetra-george.com 

KaypachaSunday January 15 – Kaypacha Lescher (Costa Rica)

The Year 2017 and Its Evolutionary Process

Kaypacha, founder of the Pele Report Video Series, will guide us through the different processes of the coming year. Join this opening talk for the year with inspiring insights about the different configurations and aspects of the year, notably the transition of the Nodal Axis to Leo-Aquarius, the Jupiter-Uranus opposition, and much more.

Find out more about Kaypacha: New Paradigm Website

OnerSunday February 5 – Öner DÖŞER (Turkey)

Cosmology and Astrology in the Sufi’s Tradition

Sufi cosmology is connected to angelology and spiritual hierarchy in the heavens. Medieval sufi masters such as Muhyi al-Din Ibn al-Arabi and Abd al-Karim al-Jili take first the seven heavens, which rise in concentric, make the prophets correspond to the planets, starting with Adam, whose dwelling place is the Moon. In this talk, Oner Doser will give some essential keys to their cosmology, astrological symbolism and understanding of the spiritual hierarchy.

Find out more about Öner DÖŞER: onerdoser.com

Boaz FylerSaturday February 18 – Boaz Fyler (Israel)

The Role and Contribution of Astrology to Humanity through the Ages

Where, when, why and how did the art of stargazing begin? What is the Age of Aquarius?

A thought provoking journey through Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt, Hellenistic Greece, Arabia and Europe hand in hand with famous figures like: Abraham, Ptolemy, Aristotle, Hippocrates, Pythagoras, Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Jung and others. Unfold their personal connection with the sacred, how it molded them & our society and changed the world. Together we will get acquainted with Astrology's unknown past and contribution to humanity. Join me for a unique journey through time and space! Boaz Fyler is an Evolutionary Astrologer and the Israeli representative of the International Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA). Fyler has been studying Astrology since 1999 and provides personal consultations, lectures worldwide, offers workshops and private lessons.

 Find out more about Boaz Fyler: Boaz Fyler Website 

Angela TikiSunday March 5 – Angela Tiki (Greece)

The Venus Retrograde Cycle

The goddess of beauty and harmony symbolizes our quest for satisfaction, for unity and completion. Aristophanes (Plato’s symposium) describes that humans are weak because they were made half by the Gods, so their need is to find their other half - their soulmate, in order be complete. Aphrodite is the archetype of mother & fertility, the spouse and the lover, the ideal beauty both in body and spirit. Ironically, even though Venus’s cycle is synonymous to “Aesthetic Perfection”, the Golden Ratio, Venus – the peace searcher - in Greek Mythology was the source of many troubles and disputes During her retrograde phase, it’s the time to look inside us, connect with our heart, appreciate the meaningful things, face the ugliness and transmute it into something precious. It’s time to bring purity and balance in our soul.

Find out more about Angela Tiki: Angela's Blog

Baris IlhanSaturday April 22 – Baris Ilhan (Turkey)

The Astrology of Nasir al-Din Tusi

Tusi, philosopher, theologian, mathematician, astrologer and astronomer, is by far the most celebrated scholar of the 13th century in eastern Islamic lands. When his land was conquered by the Mongols, he joined Hulagu's service. Hulagu Khan was deeply impressed by his knowledge and astrological competency. Tusi established the observatory at Maragha and produced new astronomical tables called "Al-Zij-Ilkhani." His books on astrology remained unknown till today. At this presentation we will meet Tusi and his astrology books.

Find out more about Baris Ilhan: Baris's Website