Reflections on Career Development: The Path to Becoming a Professional Astrologer

It has been a month since the OPA Retreat in Asilomar. Still, each time I think back on it my heart fills with joy. It was such a pleasure to meet everyone. What a powerful and exceptional week that was! What a superb gathering of people from near and far away places!

We were represented by various types of professionals, non-professionals and many expert astrologers. What we all had in common was a genuine interest, curiosity and desire to learn more about astrology and some of its specialized fields.

Numerous times I reflected on how much I would have appreciated attending a retreat such as OPA offers early in my studies and practice as an astrologer. In 1975 when I began studying astrology there were not nearly as many places to go to further my education. To compound the situation, I often chose to live in beautiful, but remote places. In the late 1970's we were very fortunate several times to welcome Zip Dobyns to our tiny astrological community in Missoula, Montana. What a treat that always was!


How Will the Global Downturn Affect Professional Astrologers?

When things go wrong, it is always galling to listen to a well paid “accepted expert in the field” telling us that “such an occurrence could only have been foreseen with the benefit of hindsight” – implying of course that it is impossible for anyone to have hindsight in advance! To astrologers it is doubly galling, because in the time leading up to the problem, their carefully considered warnings are often dismissed as unscientific superstition.

Money goes around the globeSo will the present global economic crisis prove to be a pay back time for astrologers? Will we be listened to at last? If so, what should we say?

Certainly some astrologers have told me that they do tend to receive more requests for their information and insight, when things go wrong – be it economically or otherwise. Just as we tend to double-check the transits, when an occurrence in our own lives takes us by surprise, our clients are more likely to make an appointment, when their relationships, careers and finances seem threatened.


Peer Group Work

Astrology's Next Step

by Bob Mulligan


In November of 2002, astrologers from around the world turned off their cell phones and embraced the high mountain air of early winter at the Ghost Ranch in New Mexico for a life transforming experience, The Astrologers Retreat. This was a powerful, groundbreaking, life altering encounter for all of us. The power of our peer supervision model surprised even those of us who have been in this group work for many years. Each astrologer had their own unique experience, but all were positive in the extreme. We responded to each other with a deep unveiling honesty. One well seasoned astrologers told me it was the most powerful and significant event in her life.


A peer group is composed of consulting astrologers who meet in order to discuss specific consultations. These groups serve both the emotional and professional needs of the practicing astrologer; they create a practical foundation for an astrological community. All astrologers seeing clients need to be able to discus what goes on in their consulting room. Just talking about work with clients is therapeutic, but it is even more helpful when it happens with another practicing astrologer. A group of practicing astrologers is even better. Historically, this hasn’t happened.


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