Here are a few quotes from previous retreat attendees

ZIon Park

"Everyone was very supportive and welcoming - I really enjoyed the combo of small and then large group setting"

Great Retreat. Highly enjoyed it. I love the format and was attracted to it: The learning tracks and the intimate nature of the conference. I also loved the camaraderie and acceptance I felt among all the attendees and the group leaders.

I loved the intimacy and connectedness of OPAit is a beautiful and open group who are able to befriend each other, unlike larger organizations where younever really get to know anyone. So OPA is about connectedness for me.

This was my first OPA retreat. I appreciate the intention of creating community. I liked the short talks and the opportunity to explore topics in depth through the tracks. My only suggestion would be to have the evening talk lighter in content.

This has been an amazing conference!

Awesome track! Extremely knowledgeable presenters.

This was my first OPA Retreat Had a great time, very informative and an excellent networking opportunity,