Why Join OPA?


OPA supports and advances beginners, intermediate, and professional astrologers everywhere - since 2000

Becoming an OPA Member makes you part of an important and exciting movement to take Astrology to the next level. We can all do fine working alone, but some goals can only be reached by joining forces and supporting the development of a whole community.

As an organization,  we will make you stronger as an astrologer, we will make Astrology stronger.

OPA offers quality programs for all levels of expertise:

  • Free presentations on conference call every month for members - members can also submit a proposal to present. (beginners and advanced levels)
    See the schedule: Free Monthly Calls Link
  • Quarterly magazine, Career Astrologer, with articles and new development in the community - read or submit your own articles (beginners and advanced levels):
    Link to all previous issues
  • The OPA Cafe Members get together online to discuss various topics. This is an informal gathering to connect, share, and learn in a conversation format. The subjects of discussion are announced ahead of time. (beginners and advanced levels)
  • OPA LIVE! 5 to 6 Astrologers get together online to discuss important transits or astrological themes. This panel is open to everyone, but the recordings are available to OPA members only. (beginners and advanced levels)
    See our previous topic: OPA LIVE Link
  • The OPA Retreat: Our annual OPA Retreat includes workshops for beginners as well as practicing professionals. We focus on quality and cutting edge content, development of skills, support system, and growth as individuals.(beginners and advanced levels)
    See the current program: 2017 OPA Retreat Brochure

  • I-Astrologer: a unique event to help participants launch or enhance their astrology practice:(Ready to practice or seasoned practitioner levels)
    I-Astrologer link
  • Peer Group Work for Professionals and Certification: OPA's peer group process where professional astrologers come together to discuss and enhance their practice. This process can lead to a OPA certification. (professional practionner level)
    Peer Group Work link
  • Participation in the Question of the Month about Astrology - Astrologers share their points of view about the way they manage their practices and the different professional dilemmas. We tend to be isolated as astrologers, but here the community connects and exchanges ideas to compare notes and share perspectives. (beginners and advanced levels)
    Visit the forum to view our previous questions: Forum Link
  • Showcase YOUR Work: OPA serves as a platform where you can expose your services and talents with astrology. Members can write for the magazine (viewed by more than 10,000 people), present at OPA events (online or in person), and link their work on our Member's Work page (both practice or Astrology related Art).
    Visit the page: Member's work

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What do you get from your Membership?

Quality Astrology - Vibrant Community - Support and Mentorship - A Platform to Present your Workk - Fun!

Get Better: Participate in important conversations, about Transits, about the way to be successful as an astrologer.

Be Inspired: Learn from Top Notch professionals in the field - Online and 'on location' programs.

Get Universal: Connect with other astrologers, locally and around the world. Expand your reach.

Reach for the Stars: Get a platform to publish your work and opportunities for public speaking.

  • Submit articles for the Career Astrologer magazine
  • Submit a proposal to present a Free Monthly Talk, or a presentation at the OPA Retreat.
  • Wrote a book? We will write a review and share the news release with the membership.
  • OPA makes you visible.

Visit this website to learn more about our vision and programs. 

OPA is a family - no matter how big we get, we stay close and connected. 

How do you contribute with your Membership?

- You support a movement to take Astrology to the next level.

- You support your community.

- You support the creativity and leadership of OPA - the tireless work of a non-profit organization.

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