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A Peer Group is composed of consulting astrologers who meet in order to discuss their practice and support one another. These groups serve both the emotional and professional needs of the practicing astrologer; they create a practical foundation for an astrological community.

Through the Peer Group Work, we learn about each other's practices, share our vulnerabilities and words of wisdom, analyze each other's charts, and create a vision to enhance our practice. Three days of interactive work where professionals step down off the pedestal and meet each other.

All astrologers seeing clients need to be able to discus what goes on in their consulting room. Just talking about work with clients is therapeutic, but it is even more helpful when it happens with another practicing astrologer. A group of practicing astrologers is even better. Historically, this hasn’t happened.



In November of 2002, astrologers from around the world turned off their cell phones and embraced the high mountain air of early winter at the Ghost Ranch in New Mexico for a life transforming experience, The Astrologers Peer Group Work Retreat. This was a powerful, groundbreaking, life altering encounter for all of us. The power of our peer supervision model surprised even those of us who have been in this group work for many years. Each astrologer had their own unique experience, but all were positive in the extreme. We responded to each other with a deep unveiling honesty. One well seasoned astrologers told me it was the most powerful and significant event in her life.

These groups are the “blueprint” for the profession to take its next step forward, providing a continuing source of personal renewal for each astrologer from the very beginning to the end of their professional life.


The purpose of doing this work is so that we understand ourselves and our clients better. Astrologers are fortunate enough to participate in a peer group have seen their work with clients improve and their business expand. As an astrologer’s business increases, the quality of his or her work tends to improve. Peer supervision allows astrologers to re-evaluate work with clients by accessing different professional opinions. The group provides an opportunity for getting help with problematic clients, to see when repeating issues with client indicate a difficulty, and to learn about various strategies in client work

The Goal

We want to see a better, more consistently useful astrology offered to the public and we want astrologers to live more fulfilling lives. Peer work helps us achieve both of these goals. Ultimately, peer group work inspires astrologers to do better work. As astrology itself is a path of self development, these groups in their own way assist in a deep unraveling of the mystery of life for each astrologer.

II. Method

Environment of Trust

When we engage in peer supervision we meet as equals; there is no teacher or therapist authority figure, but a round table moderated by the supervisor. An atmosphere of trust is necessary for the work to be effective and encourage safety and openness with our colleagues. As we become more open and trusting, less defensive, we are able to go deeper into the real issues that have held us back as astrologers. 

We gather in groups of 3 to 4 astrologers, and begin the process. The group session is closed and private, so people are not coming in and out of the session.

3 Day Process


Sharing wisdom and vulnerability

Each participant in turn brings the chart of client with whom they had a difficult interaction with. The reason for the difficulty can vary, from not having found a proper way to help the client with their questions, to experiencing strong resistance from the client to absorb the insights offered in the session. The other participants in the group share their own perspective on the situation, and solutions are offered.

This is an important opportunity for the practicing astrologer to express vulnerability and receive support.


Trading places with our clients, learning about different analysis styles

Participants are assigned to read the chart of another member of the group. This is a great opportunity to learn about different styles of chart analysis. This is also an opportunity for an astrologer to recieve a reading and advice, and also to experience what it feels to be in the client's chair again.

This session also emphasizes the respect for astrology's diverse styles of practice. Astrologers are often in a position in their practice where they offer one time readings, and do not always have the opportunity to get feedback, so through this session, they learn from directly from their colleagues and receive constructive feedback.


Practical ways to enhance and solidify our practice

The business plan has tremendous importance to set new goals, and together with the group, discussions unfold about the best ways to achieve these goals. Each astrologer can provide guidance where they are most experienced, and help others use resources and tools they were not necessarily aware of. This is also an opportunity for networking and share mutual projects.

Astrologers often go through the motions of their practice without a sense of direction, and without being fully aware of their greater potential. Writing down a business plan can make them realize how much they can accomplish and how to make their goals realistic. 


III. Joining the Peer Group Process

Peer group work is changing the face of astrology by helping the field become a more standardized and accepted profession. When astrologers talk to each other in earnest, amazing insights occur. We have all the tools we need. Now is the time to put them to work.

Schedule of Events

Peer Group Work Sessions are offered as one of the tracks at every annual OPA Retreat - the next one is schedule for May 20-22, 2018 in Chicago, IL (ahead of UAC conference).

OPA Certification

OPA offers certification for every practicing astrologer who has successfully participated in at least three Peer Group Processes. A certified astrologer will enter our database of recommended astrologers worldwide.

The OPA certification is available to emphasize the importance of the Peer Group Work process for every practicing astrologer.

 Click here to find out more about the Certification process



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