Certification with OPA

The goal of OPA certification is to improve the lives of professional astrologers while bringing better astrology to the world as a whole. This helps us fulfill our mission of making astrology more professional, credible, and sustainable as a practice.

OPA's Certification Process assesses management, ethics, and skills of practicing astrologers. Unlike certification programs offered by other organizations, the OPA Certification Program is not focused on training astrologers academically, but rather, on evaluating if the already practicing astrologer is capable of earning a living as a professional astrologer in a competent, ethical, and helpful manner.

OPA's Certification Process assures that people around the world have access to high-quality astrology that is valuable and effective. OPA will actively support and promote the astrologers we certify.

Certification is valid for 7 years.

Reference for OPA Certification

1. The astrologer can read a chart.

2. The astrologer displays sensitivity to the needs of their client.

3. The astrologer demonstrates reasonable consulting and communication skills.

4. The astrologer shows an ability to be vulnerable and to grow. 

5. The astrologer is capable of reaching out to the community.

6. The astrologer is pro-active in developing his or her practice and can initiate a plan of action.

7. The astrologer is ethical in his or her practice, adhering to OPA's code of ethics.

Prerequisites for the OPA Certification

1. The astrologer is practicing astrology and reading charts (in private paid consultations) for at least 6 months to begin the certification process.

2. The astrologer successfully participates in 3 Peer Group Work sessions

3. The astrologer continues to enhance their education in the field.

The Benefits of OPA Certification

1. Gain greater credibility as a practitioner.

2. Enter our data base of recommended Astrologers worldwide .

3. Can enlist as an Associate Member of the Association for Professional Astrologers International (APAI)

3. Learn directly from your peers, improve your skills and overcome your blind spots.

4. Share your experiences of your practice with fellow astrologers and learn from one another.

5. Gain confidence as a professional astrologer.

5. Develop a broader network worldwide.


Contact Arlan Wise to find out more about the schedule and process of Certification: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.