President's Report

Greeting OPA members and friends

pres-reportWe are now in a new 2016-18 cycle, and look forward to continue advancing the organization, our members, and Astrology.

Our past two year term has been exceptionally fruitful, with a new website, new programs (I-Astrologer and Greece Conference), a new book out, and a growing vital membership. Thank you all for your incredible support, on we go!

So let us look at OPA 2016-18:

  • Growing membership and international community. We have recently included our Mexican and Australian Satellites, and hope more will join the vessel.

  • US and International programs. At this point, a conference in Athens Greece where the roots of Western Astrology still go deep and strong, and the OPA Retreat in October 2017.

  • An opportunity for members to submit articles for the Career Astrologer, present at the Free Monthly Talks, at the OPA retreat, and at other Astrology conferences. Recently, three OPA members were selected to speak at the 2017 NCGR conference. We want to offer you platforms to showcase your work. The website's Membership Corner will be activated as another platform to showcase your work.

  • New OPA books for Astrologers - Stay tuned!

Did we mention a new OPA satellite in Antarctica and OPA launching a spaceship to planet Haumea? We plan to go where we are called!

CHEERS for an amazing journey together!

Maurice Fernandez
President, OPA

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.